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Fifth Age of Tamriel is a big project which uses the core mechanics of Fantasy AGE with a great deal of new content. To play FAoT, you’ll need the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, available from Green Ronin. (There’s also a PDF version available.)

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An asterisk (*) indicates a section that is still under construction.

The New World* — An introduction to the setting of Fifth Age of Tamriel.
Basic Rules — Some FAoT-specific rules.
Races — The races of Tamriel.
Birthsigns — What’s your sign?
Spells* — A complete grimoire.
Creatures* — A beastly bestiary.
Diseases* — You look rather pale…
Status Effects* — Frostbite, paralysis, madness, oh my!
Equipment* — Tools of the trade.
Talents* — Show us your skills!
Organizations* — Guilds and Syndicates galore.

Main Page

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