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This reptilian race, well-suited for the treacherous swamps of their homeland, has developed natural immunities to diseases and poisons. They can breathe water and are good at picking locks.



There are three types of Argonian names: one-word names, hyphenated Argonian names, and Cyrodilic names, with or without hyphens. Sometimes their Cyrodilic names are just translations of their Argonian names.

Female: Beelei, Beewos, Bejeen, Deetsan, Druja, Marz, Numeen, Ocheeva, Pasha, Rana, Shaleez, Skaleel, Witseidutsei, Bur-Meema, Dar-Ma, Hal-Liurz, Kud-Ei, Mach-Na, Seed-Neeus, Sheer Meedish, Tar-Meena, Weedum-Ja, City-Swimmer, On-Staya Sundew, Quill-Weave, Runs-in-Circles, Tall-Trees-Falling, Wide-Eye
Male: Deekus, Derkeethus, Madesi, Neetrenaza, Usha, Veezara, Beem-Ja, Brand-Shei, Gajul-Lei, Gulum-Ei, Ilas-Tei, Jaree-Ra, Talen-Jei, Teeba-Ei, Deep-In-His-Cups, Scouts-Many-Marshes, Stands-In-Shallows, Watches-The-Roots

Playing an Argonian

If you choose to play an Argonian, modify your character as follows:

  • Add 1 to your Dexterity ability.
  • Pick one of the following ability focuses: Communication (Gambling) or Constitution (Swimming)
  • You have the ability to breathe underwater.
  • Your Speed is equal to 11 + Dexterity (minus armor penalty if applicable).
  • You can speak and read Common and Jel, the native Argonian tongue.
  • Roll twice on the Argonian Benefits table for additional benefits. Roll 2d6 and add the dice together. If you get the same result twice, re-roll until you get something different.
Argonian Benefits
2d6 Roll Benefit
2 +1 Intelligence
3-4 Focus: Dexterity (Lock Picking)
5 Focus: Accuracy (Light Blades)
6 Focus: Constitution (Running)
7-8 +1 Constitution
9 Focus: Intelligence (Illusion)
10-11 Focus: Dexterity (Traps)
12 +1 Accuracy

Strengths and Weaknesses

Immune to Poison
+3 Resistance to Disease


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