The New World

After the Last Dragonborn ended the Civil War in Skyrim in 4E 201, the Empire’s forces were weakened. Emperor Titus Mede II had been assassinated, Thalmor agents were stationed throughout the Empire, and the decades of relative peace following the signing of the White-Gold Concordat were coming to an end.

In 4E 202, after receiving key information from their agents stationed throughout Tamriel, the Aldmeri Dominion saw its opportunity to tip the scales in their favor. They accused the Empire of violating the White-Gold Concordat, and declared war once again.

Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Tamriel’s denizens, the Thalmor’s primary agenda was not to rule over Tamriel, but to bring about the apocalypse. According to their beliefs, the elves were descended from the immortals who predated time itself. The Thalmor believed that by eradicating Talos worship, they could destroy Talos himself. With Talos destroyed, they could focus on dismantling the Great Towers which enforced the linearity of time, thus destroying all mortal life and returning Mundus to its pre-dawn chaotic state. They believed that by doing this, the elves would return to their immortal forms, and mankind would be destroyed.

The Second Great War scarred the face of Tamriel, and gave ample opportunity for Daedric influences to take hold of the land. After a great and bloody campaign, the Last Dragonborn exposed the Thalmor plot to unmake reality, shifted the tide of battle, and defeated them (with the help of many great heroes). After this, the Crimson Concord was forged, a pact between all nations of Tamriel, aiming to give each their independence while simultaneously uniting them under a single, democratic rule. Realizing that Tamriel could not survive divided, all the nations of the world joined the Concord and agreed to work together. The Thalmor were defeated, their leaders executed, and their ashes scattered to the winds.

After the Concord was set into law, the Dragonborn declared the dawn of the Fifth Era, then returned to Skyrim, retreated to the Throat of the World, and was never seen or heard from again.

It has been twelve years since the war ended. Tamriel stands united once again. Yet even in this new, golden age, there are dark forces afoot which seek to undermine the Concord and destroy the balance of power throughout the land.

The New World

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